Patient selection for iNAP

• Suggested OSA patients AHI <50 (AASM 2012 acceptable rule, 4% desaturation) – Hypopnea dominated and non-REM related OSA is more desirable
• BMI <30 (non-obese)
• Neck circumference < 40 cm
• Receding lower jaw
• Non Central Sleep Apnea (CSA) or nervous/muscle disease patients
• Not Have loose teeth or advanced periodontal disease
• Patient who has health condition not suitable for treatment by physician assessment (ex. allergic to silicone, severe pulmonary diseases, insomnia, pregnant or weak & old, advanced periodontal disease)
• Skip Patient can not maintain the negative pressure – Can not breathe through the nose (both blocked)
• CPAP titration pressure < 8 cmH20

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