ADBRO® is the brand to bring advanced medical devices and products to the market. We focused on the fields of quality sleep and respiratory medical products, aim to deliver the best of use for every consumer who live with the latest technology in the modern days.

ADBRO® provides professional sleep test, therapy devices, sleep aids and wellness plan to our customers.

What are ADBRO’s signatures services

To identify your potential sleep apnea issue, the sleep test will bring you the result.

Pang Fung – Founder

iNAP One is an unique CPAP alternative for sleep apnea patient.

Pang Fung – Founder

Oxygen delivers the human needs, helping us to recharge our lives.

Pang Fung – Founder

Your Personal Consultant with ADBRO

Your space we created

ADBRO is different!

yes your experience is always important to us, we design an individual space for you to relax, we listen to your needs, review and solve your sleep and respiratory issues, isn’t it easy and efficient?

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