iNAP Trial

As you have learned about iNAP from our website or our professional adviser, you might consider to take a bi-weekly trial with ADBRO. Before you move on to this, please read the following points:

  1. Take a couple minutes to download the mobile app: iNAP Lab+ and sign up an account, ADBRO will ask your email address for setup in order to allow you adjust the setting.
  2. ADBRO will always support you on any issues you might be encountered during the trial, please relax and focus on the experience.
  3. Your trial machine is used and sanitised, however you will get a set of new oral interface and drypads in the trial period, or purchase additional accessories if you prefer.
  4. You will receive a new set of machine when you decide to purchase one.

Now it’s time to start your trial

(1) New set of Oral Interface Kit included, customer may purchase other iNAP accessories if needed.
(2) Minimum 2 weeks to maximum 4 weeks rental.
(3) The rental and deposit will be reimbursed to the machine purchase price.

Trial Period2 weeks trial4 weeks trial
*2 weeks trial only available for Hong Kong customers, 4 weeks trial is available for both Hong Kong and Macau customers
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