CPAP Dust Cover and Protector Mat


Shield your CPAP machine, hose and mask with our soft suede fabric cover to keep it out of sight and dust free. The anti-slip protector mat is designed to help keep the CPAP machine in place. 

Mat Size: 17” x 13“
Cover Size: 15”x10“x7” 


• Captures water leaks
• Protects furniture against scratches
• Anti-slip silicone mat helps to keep your CPAP machine in place
• Absorbs vibration and reduces noise
• Protects CPAP device, mask and hose from dust, dirt, airborne particles, water, animal hair, and much more
• Cover is machine washable and mat is dishwasher friendly
• Mat is BPA free and environmentally friendly
• Flexible, soft and can be folded or rolled up for easy storage