Memory Foam CPAP Pillow with Cooling Gel


Memory foam provides firmness and support, while the gel ensures coolness and comfort. This premium quality reversible memory foam pillow with cooling gel is made specifically for CPAP users. It helps reduce mask leaks while introducing a new level of comfort for the user. 

Size: 33cm x 61cm 


Cooling Gel
Cooling gel makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter. This layer will keep the temperature down and help with comfort no matter what mask you are wearing or what position you are sleeping in. 

Memory Foam
The luxury memory foam keeps the body in proper alignment while alleviating uncomfortable pressure points that one would get with a regular pillow. 

Ventilated memory foam
Promotes air circulation & reduces moisture build up.

Natural Bamboo Pillowcase
Includes a breathable pillowcase made from natural bamboo and developed specifically to fit the unique shape of the CPAP pillow. 

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